Escorting Jessica

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Trevor has starred in Jessica's dreams since high school. Jessica had been the girl who eluded him. Can they start over or will Trevor's job get in the way?

Jessica Snider's dream is to be with Trevor. Unfortunately, just being near him has her burning with desire and babbling like a teenager. When she discovers her high school crush now runs a high-end male escort service, she doesn't know whether to be appalled or aroused.

Trevor Hill wants to fulfill Jessica's every fantasy—including multiple partners—but he wants her for himself as well. If he was hot for her in high school, he's sweltering for her now. However, he's afraid his job will come between them.

 Trevor offers her a free—multiple partner—trial guaranteed to satisfy her wettest dreams. Jessica must find her composure and step into his world of sexual fantasies, but can she? Will Trevor convince her to trust his feelings for her and take him up on it? Or will this second chance slip away?


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Breathless Press
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"Carrie pens "Reawakened" with a plot that keeps you turning the page and wondering what's going to happen next." - My Cozie Corner

"I loved the way Carrie combined real life issues with her fantasy world... The way the romance developed was believable and felt real from a reader's perspective." - My Reading Addiction

"Come along on the greatest ride for a trip you will not forget. Meet a great heroine and hero and decide for yourself what you would believe in!" -A Diary of a Book Addict 

Her magic has been reawakened. But will her heart let her follow her destiny?

Jules Hume lives in a world where magic is a myth and supernatural creatures are fiction. Or so she thinks. Her boyfriend Ian would have to disagree. When Jules discovers the man of her dreams is not only a vampire, but a vampire king who’s tasked with saving the world from a demon attack, life as she knows it ends. Can she accept her fate and take her place by Ian's side as ruler of the paranormal world? Or will she close her mind and her heart to the chance at love and adventure?

To Catch a Spirit

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"To Catch a Spirit is a thrilling paranormal love story that kept me turning the pages, eager for more. I got goosebumps quite a few times while reading this." - Sunflower of Long and Short Reviews

"It's a great love story with a twist. I love it!" - Wanda of Romance Writers Reviews

"I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good, fast read." - Holly at Full Moon Bites

Psychic Allison Gray has a soft spot for Logan Mitchell, even though she’s never met him. All it takes is one encounter for the millionaire’s true emotions to slip through Allison’s shields, and she is intrigued. He needs her help, but Allison soon discovers that the kind of help Logan needs is the kind she isn’t willing to give. Logan has a ghost, and Allison doesn’t work with spirits anymore.

But the ghost is the least of Logan’s problems. Born an empath, Logan is constantly barraged with human emotions. And while his talent has come in handy in the business world, it’s about to drive him insane. Literally. Logan has OCD, and his ability triggers unbearable attacks that have him counting and cleaning until he collapses from exhaustion.

Sex and money. That’s all anyone wants from him. Even worse, he’s plagued with recurring visions of his future wife’s death, so Logan has spent his entire life avoiding love. He’s given up hope of ever having a normal life, until he meets Allison. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of, and now he has to decide if loving her is worth risking her life.

If she’ll even have him. Allison’s lost too much already – her mother to cancer, her father to suicide. But, Logan is so charming and so real, she can’t help but fall for him. Now she has to overcome her fear of commitment…and ghosts…or face spending the rest of her life alone.

Her Guardian Lover

"Great characters, main and supporting, solid and original plot, in my opinion a five-star novel." - Holly at Full Moon Bites

"The ending is completely beautiful and is a must read.  Over all, I really enjoyed Her Guardian Lover and am very glad I got a chance to read this beautiful love story." - TwoLips Reviews

Guarding April isn't easy. Loving her could be the end of life as he knows it.

April May Carter, a twenty-nine-year-old small town high school teacher, dreams of finding a man to whisk her away from the hickville she’s stuck in. She wants it all—the husband, the house, the kids, the car. But her dreams of living the perfect life are shattered during a school shooting.

Damian is supposed to keep her safe. But a tragic event in his past has left him so bitter and resentful, he's blindsided by the angelic beauty who's awakened a part of his soul he thought had burned out long ago. He won’t let anyone get close enough to care about him. April should hate him. But she sees through his abrasive exterior and finds the compassionate, loving man beneath. Can Damian let go of his past, accept his responsibilities, and let her love him? Or will he spend the rest of his existence alone and miserable?

Sweet Release

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"Sweet Release is pure paranormal romance enjoyment." - Amy J. Ramsey of Ramsey's Book Reviews

"Andre is delectable, the love "scenes" are steamy, and it has just the right amount of suspense and romance." - J-Love 

"I heavily recommend this story, it’s very well written and a quick read." - Cassandra Parker of Got Erotic Romance

The day Miranda Billings dies isn't the worst day of her life—but it's close. Miranda dreams of adventure and escaping her boring existence, but death might be too much of an escape. With the help of Andre the demon slayer, she discovers the excitement she craves. If only he’d let her share his quest as well as his bed.

When Andre, the half-demon EMT, finds the woman he loves crushed by a bus, he reawakens her soul with his magic and his blood. Now, Andre must decide if he’s willing to let her join him in his perilous quest to slay demons and save humans. He almost lost her once. Is he willing to risk losing her forever?